Reality Hits Marketing Via YouTube

December 20, 2010

Here’s your Weekly Marketing Monday Tip: YouTube Marketing!

Reality shows and real performers whose most memorable traits are the fact that they are just like most everyone else have engaged the public’s imagination and hence garnered the attention of marketers and advertisers. Many Youtube stars are simply ordinary people with something to say that others feel are worth listening to. These Youtube stars are usually not extraordinarily beautiful, airbrushed or made up and their videos are usually of amateur to mediocre quality but they are real and people connect with them.

Now small businesses with smaller budgets may well find this new marketing medium as attractive as the advertising giants are finding it. Large corporations with well known brands need large markets and they have become increasingly aggressive in their advertising to the dismay and ire of the consumer. Rather than being watched and remembered consumers are becoming ad blind, turn down the volume on the television and deliberately ignore advertisements that don’t engage them.

Youtube has developed a new breed of spokesperson the home grown average or above average personality that others deliberately seek, listen to, and follow. What better spokesperson than a Youtube personality whose followers are devoted, who receive millions of hits a day and whose fans know they will see something they like, hate or entertains them.

Of course this is a new way of branding with a new type of spokesperson and the corporations were mostly the ones to lead the way into Youtube having real stars speak for them. To begin with no one knew how it would work. However, now it seems to work well because the people who listen to those videos are deliberately seeking out that brand, that person and that form of entertainment. If nothing else, these are not ads which are forced upon an audience, watched and then completely forgotten. Nothing works like targeted ads and Youtube star’s fans are self targeting.

The small business may well find these personalities within their budget although hiring a well known TV personality might be beyond the average starter business’ means. On the other hand, a Youtube personality’s endorsement or appearance might be a tenth of that, and the audience is there because they want to hear the message, what better way of spreading the word about a product or brand?

Maybe your brand’s marketing personality could be you?

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