Twitter: Small Time Business Boon

September 20, 2011 by  
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Recognition and branding are two very essential aspects of marketing that a business simply cannot do without. It is through being recognized by the market and being remembered as a particular brand that a business can make any sort of headway through the mass of competition that floods the market. The problem with this is, considering just how lucrative... [Read more ⇒]

Using Twitter Effectively – 11 Twitter Tips for Businesses

May 6, 2010 by  
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If you are breathing right now… YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT TWITTER! The social media site has become enormously popular with everyone from celebrities to major corporations. For small businesses, Twitter can be a valuable tool – if you know how to use it effectively. That is the key… How do you use Twitter effectively? Here are some tips... [Read more ⇒]

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