Safety in Facebook

October 14, 2011 by  
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Facebook Lock

Everyone loves Facebook.  This is a known fact.  It is believed that four in every ten people are on Facebook nowadays, such is the appeal and allure of this social media phenomenon.  Members of this social media site range from everyday individuals seeking to re-establish contact with long-lost friends to entire corporations using the site as a... [Read more ⇒]

5 Facebook Profile Photos to Avoid

December 3, 2010 by  
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Facebook Profile Pictures

I have said it before, what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook. Welcome to this brand new weekly feature here in the FMMG blog: Facebook Friday! Stardate 2010 – Facebook is here folks, your future boss is on it and so is your future spouse (and future inlaws). It’s time to use common sense – don’t put pictures on Facebook that... [Read more ⇒]

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