Contact Form 7: Bridging the Gap Between Visitor and Webmaster

September 7, 2011 by  
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Importance of a Contact Page There are certain pages that are essential for every website. However, many underestimate the importance of a contact page. A contact page supposedly is a place where you allow visitors to communicate with you. You can get general feedback or suggestions for the improvement of your website as well as gain income from customers... [Read more ⇒]

14 Cool WordPress Plugins

September 23, 2009 by  
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Plugins are one of the reasons that wordpress is so extremely powerful! There are thousands of plugins for your WordPress blog that are completely free, that will make your blog an instant powerhouse without writing a single piece of code. There are tons of great plugins – it is really hard to make a list of just 14 (plus 1), but, alas, I have.... [Read more ⇒]

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