The Power of Twitter Introductions

February 28, 2009

Funny thing happened on my way to filming a Twitter Introduction…

Yesterday morning, I uploaded a Twitter Introduction Video to YouTube. I had seen a few others and thought that the notion of a Twitter Introduction video would be great. Twitter is such an amazing platform. Not only can I really connect with people and follow what they are doing, I can also share my activities with others. It’s very cool. I even got an invitation to have a beer from Internet Marketing Guru Matt Bacak (@mattbacak).

So back to the Twitter Introduction Video. It is a great way to be a little more than 75 pixel square image on your Twitter page. It allows you to be a real flesh and blood human. After all, if we are going to establish relationships online with social media, what better way than a video.

The process is really simple. You can capture video from your webcam on your computer, or video camera. I used a Panasonic DVX-100 – imported it into iMovie – no editing and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Once it was uploaded, I made sure to direct message all new followers with a thank you and link to my YouTube page.

That’s easy. What I also did was a little SEO on my Youtube page (including inserting my links to my Twitter page and blogs right in the description), did a little bookmarking, then uploaded it to other video sites.

Now if you search Google for “Twitter Introductions” you see these results:

twitter introductions

Click above picture to enlarge.

What you see at #4 is a double video listing with thumbnails (two of them) and the only ones on the page. Do you think people will click that link more often as a result of the picture? I think the answer is yes. Now if you look above the two thumbnails, you’ll see a link to Mixx. Yep, that’s also me. That’s three links in the top four slots.

All this in under thirty-six hours!

So here’s the intro video:

Some YouTube tips:

  1. Always add links with the full URL in your YouTube description. ( I added a link to my Twitter and my two sites.
  2. Add a good description – with some good keywords.
  3. Add a creative title – I titled mine, “The Truth about Twitter Introductions”.
  4. Add good tags – If you add tags with two or more words, use quotes around them or YouTube will separate the words, e.g.. “Social Networking”.

Some Twitter tips:

  1. Be real.
  2. Post good links, not just links to your site… boring and selfish.
  3. Show interest in others – after all, this is social networking…
  4. Did I mention, be real?

If we are not yet following each other on Twitter, please use the Twitter link to my profile and follow me. I will follow you back.

If you want to check out the Google results, click here

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