No Waiting with Twitter Customer Response

December 7, 2010

Here is your Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

While social networking is certainly making a big impression with fans and marketers as a medium for hearing what consumers have to say, one company has gone a step further and intervenes when things go awry for their customers.

Delta Airlines are not only using Twitter to listen to their audience but to respond as well. People tweet about almost everything, good and bad and when there is a customer service issue Delta has customer service reps monitoring tweets from early morning to 9:30 pm on business days.

Rather than letting a customer service issue escalates, these reps step in to at least acknowledge the issue and work to resolve it. Whether the customer in question is a celebrity or a business traveler or family on holiday, frustrated stranded passengers have a lot of time on their hands and sometimes use it online to grumble.

When a complaint is addressed within hours or even minutes this presents a shiny company image to fans and followers and ensures greater customer loyalty as well.  Obviously not ever complaint can be handled within minutes but sometimes frustrated or disgruntled customers just want someone to acknowledge the problem. This forward thinking step is a breakthrough in using social networking to improve customer service and also to shine up the company image.

Although a small business probably can’t dedicate a full staff or even an employee to monitoring Twitter for complaints, establishing a Twitter presence and monitoring the company account once or twice a day is one more way to interact in a positive and meaningful way with the customers. Additionally this small investment in time for almost any company can help nip problems and complaints right at the start and turn what could be negative customer feedback into a positive experience that promotes greater loyalty.

What are some other ways Twitter can help you with your customer/client service?

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