Crowd Sourced Story on Twitter – Tim Burton

January 4, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Using Contests (and Twitter) to build your Business

While crowd sourcing may not be the typical way of getting a story written Tim Burton has once again broken barriers by crowd sourcing a story on Twitter. The name of the Burton project on Twitter is “Tim Burton Cadavre Exquis”. Loosely translated it means exquisite corpse and was a game where a group of people added random phrases to a piece of paper to create a story, sometimes funny, outrageous or indecipherable, but always interesting at least to the Surrealists.

The beginning of this project was one line written by Tim Burton about the adventures of a character named Stainboy and he has been asking people to contribute to it by adding a line to the story with the tag #Burton Story.  The end of the Burton story on Twitter was scheduled for Dec sixth. Each day the best tweet was chosen and added to the story line.

Tweets such as the crowd sourced story gather those interested in works by Tim Burton, would-be writers and fans of the outrageous and they encourage tweeters to interact. Crowd sourcing a story might not work for every small business but the idea is a great one. Encourage interaction make it fun for the followers and the rest comes naturally.

Contests are one way the small business might take what they learned from Tim Burton and put it to good use. Tim Burton, who though already famous is keeping his name out there on the front lines using community brain power and the energy of the crowd. While the story may not be gaining any literary awards, it is gathering Tim Burton a lot of attention and almost all of it positive.  This well known producer has gained from Twitter and entertained thousands of followers who anxiously posted their tweets hoping to win a line in this convoluted story.

How can you use a contest to launch a new product or service?

Please share your ideas and comment below.

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