Little Known Social Media Fact – Facebook and Business Pages

December 31, 2010

Facebook Friday Tip of the Week

Leveraging the Power of a Facebook Business Account

Facebook limits the individual user to a single account on the other hand it does not limit business pages and there are also a few perks that go with that as well. An individual can only have a single account so Joe Blow’s Garage registered under Joe Blow’s name would be limited to that one page. However, a Facebook business registration could include Joe Blow’s Garage, Joe’s oil changing service, and Joe Blow’s Wrecking service.  That is a lot of specific exposure for the business and a lot more targeted followers.

Naturally not every business will use multiple pages but some will and put them to good use, just like Joe Blow’s Garage. Large corporations as well as small businesses which offer many services and products may find this an attractive and that targets a specific user and consumer. In business and especially social networking platforms such as Facebook, the wider the net the more effective the coverage is likely to be.

One of the other perks for business accounts over personal accounts is that while Joe Blow could not send updates to every single one of their “likes” or fans at one time, the business account can. That makes offering special discounts on Joe Blow’s oil changes or wrecker services much easier. Using such deals, coupons, and giveaways for fans or followers is becoming common with those running social networking pages such as Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes the promotions are coordinated and Twitter promotions are automatically updated to Facebook and other times they are separate. The idea however is to provide personalized and individual offers to fans and likes based on their interest in a specific product. It certainly seems to work for those in the social networking “know” and this tip is not size dependent, as Joe Blow’s Garage may be a business with one or two or three employees or could be a chain of garages.

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