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December 10, 2010

Here is your Facebook Friday Story of the Week:

Facebook's new layout give more prominence to a users' biographical information and recent photos. Facebook engineer Josh Wiseman, revealed the new look in a blog post on Sunday. Here's FMMG's Lennie Appelquist's New Profile

Facebook’s decision to redesign its users profile pages has some wishing its engineers had created a “dislike” button, so says an article on the New York Daily News site.

The revamp, announced Sunday afternoon in a blog post by Facebook engineer Josh Wiseman and touted in a “60 Minutes” interview hours later by founder Mark Zuckerberg, is receiving mixed reviews from users who appear anxious about having their photos and personal information more prominently displayed on the site.

I think change is simply hard for some people. We are very resistant to it. We like the familiar. As a designer, and marketer, I find the new look both pleasing and efficient.

Lots of people felt different. Wiseman’s blog was flooded with comments on Monday pleading to change back…

One user aimed to capture the overinflated spirit of panic in a seemingly tongue-in-cheek response to the blog post.

“AAAGGGHHH!!! I FEAR CHANGE!!!” wrote user Kurt Morris. “Even though it’s an improvement over the previous profile page I HATE IT because it’s different!!!”

Wiseman wrote that the changes would make it easier “for you to tell your story and learn about your friends,” and in the “60 Minutes” interview, reporter Lesley Stahl said the new design offers the experience of having a barroom chat with someone.

In the new layout, a short summary of the users’ personal information, such as his or her job or college, and a small collection photos appear at the top of the wall, underneath the users name and profile picture.

Previously, personal information and photos were kept on separate tabs.

Here are some of the new features in the new layout.

Refer to the image above. Right below my name at the top of my profile, there’s a Wikipedia-like mini-biography of my life.

I’ve already entered that information into my profile page before — under the various fields for employment, hometown, birthday and so on — and Facebook used it to automatically create a mini-biography out of that information to put at the very top of your profile page. Personally, I think this is cool!

The navigation menu has moved from the top-center position to the space on the left column right below your profile picture.

Photos of the user are given prominence now. Right under the bio are photos of me. In addition, the photos page itself has been given an overhaul, looking cleaner. It also sports an “infinite scroll” feature of all the photos a user is tagged in, reminiscent of Twitter’s infinite scroll for tweets.

Your Friends Page gets a big update too. Rather than showing up as a pop-up window, the Friends page now gets a dedicated section, where you can see them all displayed in a grid-like fashion. At the top of this page is the Friend search feature, making searching and sorting through your friends more accessible now.

Also promoted more on the new profile page are the Friendship Page and your Groups. In the upper-right-hand side of the profile, you can see “You and Lennie” (or the name of whichever friend you are viewing), with a link to the main Friendship Page, but also a summary there of your mutual friends and common favorite artists.

So take some time and explore your new-look Facebook page. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Here’s a very interesting interview with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg that aired (12/5/10) on 60 Minutes.

Sources: NY Daily News & Forbes.com

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