5 Facebook Profile Photos to Avoid

December 3, 2010

I have said it before, what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook.

Welcome to this brand new weekly feature here in the FMMG blog:

Facebook Friday!

Stardate 2010 – Facebook is here folks, your future boss is on it and so is your future spouse (and future inlaws). It’s time to use common sense – don’t put pictures on Facebook that reflect or (worse yet) brand you badly.

Every day, 4 billion messages are sent via Facebook, and next to those 4 billion messages is something that could make or break the legitimacy of your message (or your brand) —  at the very least, amuse or horrify your friends – at the very worst – get you fired or cost you money: your profile picture.

Facebook Profile Pictures

Your Facebook profile is, in a lot of respects, your first impression to the world at large. First impressions don’t come with a mulligan (a do over). Really – you usually only get one shot at a first impression. Second impressions count too. Adding that picture of you beer bonging at a party might be cool when you show it to your friends (and your in your 20′s) but it doesn’t ever belong on Facebook. Your image can become your life’s blood – especially if you are an entrepreneur – your image matters! As an employee – your image or better yet, your boss’ perception of your image could get you fired (or get you a raise).

So, what kind of photos should you avoid?

Read this article over on CNN.com for your answer.

5 Facebook profile pics that make you look like a tool

Seriously, no one wants to look like a tool…

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