Solving Your Customer’s Problems

June 17, 2011

Solve Your Customer’s Problems: “It is easier to sell a solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit.”

The word ‘Guerrilla’ has been traditionally used in conjunction with, and with special reference to ‘warfare’. ‘Guerrilla warfare’ is an irregular type of warfare which regularly entails conflicts involving small groups of fighters, often including civilians. They get their hands on contraband weapons, and guerrillas believe themselves to be fighting for a just cause. They use unorthodox strategies to wear down – often despot dictators, with long-drawn-out, hit-and-run tactics. In a word this is ‘unconventional’ warfare!

‘Guerrilla Marketing’ is also by definition unconventional. It relies for success on hit-and-run tactics, as apposed to long-drawn-out and carefully planned marketing strategies. Scientific marketing planning generally requires major marketing budgets; much like regular warfare budgets.

Time, imagination and energy are synonymous with this off-the-wall form of marketing, as is the fact that tactics are unique, engaging and interactive. Marketing plans the guerrilla-way pop up in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times, and one of the most important marketing mantra’s is “it is easier to sell a solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit”.

What we want to achieve on behalf of our clients is, a thought-provoking marketing buzz which captures the imagination of their target market, and sends their campaign viral. We position ourselves as problem solvers and position our clients in the same way. This concept of problem-solving is a well-known marketing axiom.

As a marketing guerrilla, we are an ace problem solver; you want to be one too – right? We target the problems besetting our prospects and offer the best solutions. The most important key is in spotting the problem and networking gets this done. We learn a lot more by listening than we do by tooting our own horn at every turn; everything has its own place. So, we listen, ask questions and find out what nasty dilemmas it is that our prospects are pining about. Tune in the marketing radar and start seeking a creative solution.

People have problems everywhere – in fact people are most often the problem, so this creates a myriad of opportunities to offer problem solving solutions.

To understand a problem and a solution in direct contrast to a positive benefit; if you are selling moisturizing soap bars, the positive benefit of using a bar of soap is the fact that it gets you clean. Offering a solution to a problem is that this particular soap is ‘moisturizing soap’ and will help prevent and treat dry skin. Treating the dry, sensitive skin condition is the solution to a problem.

To take this one step further; the most sought after solutions to the biggest problems currently are improving health and looks, as well as money-making. So, anti-wrinkle, weight loss, time saving, work-from-home, hair growth, stop smoking and other products in these genres are offering the most highly sought-after solutions to problems.

Our biggest job and yours is to ensure that your services offer solutions. This may entail re-positioning, which could also mean closing some old doors and opening the new. It means using guerrilla marketing techniques, and it also means realizing that to make profits, we have to understand that prospects don’t care about our companies or products – the only thing they actually care about, is their own problems.

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