Isn’t it – A Social Bookmarking Primer

February 13, 2008

Alright, not sure exactly what social bookmarking really is? No worries, the guys at Common Craft have created a short movie that explains the basics. So if you want to get an understanding of the concept of Social bookmarks and bookmarking, have a look.

Now for the purposes of marketing your small business online, with a little help from a whole gaggle (I think that’s the first time I’ve actually used that word in a sentence) of social bookmarking sites, you can increase traffic and increase ranking.This movie walks you through the sign up, bookmarking, tagging and retrieval process on the social bookmarking site This is a great start, but did you know that there are literally hundreds of social bookmarking sites. In addition to, some other great bookmarking sites include: propeller, Digg, ka-boom-it and more.Now for the purposes of increasing business, you follow the same steps as described in the video, only you are using the description and tagging features to force your keyword (tags) to begin showing up in searches. The real beauty of this isn’t simply getting your own page to show up, it’s getting multiple pages to show up on google’s front page for your terms like this example below:mercury-retrograde-truth.jpg

All the links marked in red ultimately lead to the main site. Wanna find out how to accomplish this? Go here and sign up to receive my FreeMarket Media Group Starter Kit.

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