Proving You Care

June 13, 2011

Proving You Care: “More companies will fail than success in business, and the ones that succeed are the ones that prove they care.”

Proving we care the Guerrilla way, as we are all starting to realize; means using unconventional methods to achieve conventional business goals. This means instead of investing money in massive marketing campaigns, we invest time, energy, imagination and knowledge. Profits are the measurable yard-stick and the telephone is one of the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal to prove that we care. Fortunately we have the internet today and E-mail ranks right up there with the phone.

As guerilla marketing urges to grow geometrically – in other words, grow the size of each transaction with every customer. Follow-up is an incredibly important exercise; research has proved this in action. A follow up telephone call boosts all sales and profits. It is a tough task alright – but it also really works, so, with the technology everyone has at their fingertips today, we can follow up by email just as effectively. We also have websites to lean on also, but as one of the mantra’s of Guerilla Marketing is ‘fervent follow-up’, we have to get out there and do this.

This sees us cooperating instead of competing, marketing ‘you’ as apposed to ‘me’, engaging in dialogue as apposed to monologue. It also means focusing on individuals needs, not groups so we can count on our relationships instead of sales, as well as sewing to reap a good crop. The concept of sowing well in order to reap a good crop is not a new idea. Our marketing plan is the seed, and the way we water and nourish the seed to flourish, is our marketing activities. Profits (not sales) are then the harvest of this crop.

We worship our customers and their needs and we don’t do this from afar. This is a personal relationship and we turn customers into friends by proving we dedicatedly care by taking steps which are above and beyond the norm. Customer attention and customer care are two completely different things. We lavish ‘attention’ upon our customers by instilling a unbridled passion for customer service in everything that we do.

We solve problems before they arise, ask in-depth questions, listen carefully and take note, stay in touch regularly and consistently, establish excellent support systems and make sure the customer knows what to expect from these. Instill in employees the same deep appreciation of the value of the customer and measure our service in a precise way. Our people must want to render a great service, not only because we pay them to do, so, we also share information with all of our front-line people.

Every customer must be made to feel unique and this is because they are – let’s prove it by showing we care. Genuine commitment may be proven by consistently staying in touch by newsletter, sending discounted offers, questionnaires, E-mails, calls, remember anniversaries, birthdays and so on. Respond to trends, play favorites and nurture a human bond. Mixers for local customers are another great idea and many of the better online bingo sites in the UK make regular successful use of this practice. Be efficient and market through the path of least resistance where credibility is already established. These and many more powerful marketing messages will succeed in proving we care.

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