Make Your Business Convenient

June 10, 2011

Make Your Business Convenient: “Design your business to be customer-convenient and make your cash register ring.

In the words of Jay Conrad Levinson, “Guerrilla Marketing started out as a single volume and has since acted biblically by being fruitful and multiplying into a library of 58 volumes and counting”. We would call that pretty darn fruitful! The fact that these books have been translated into 62 languages and sold 21 million copies which are required reading for MBA programs throughout the world, adds even more credibility. There is also – nor more than likely ever will be, any better space to practice the principals he espouses, than in the online space.

Making a business customer-convenient does not get more convenient than it does being online to our way of thinking.

Making it simple for your customers to do business with you has become more important than ever before in the face of massively competitive market places. Time is seen to be becoming more and more elusive today, and this is a clear indication that people don’t want to wait around. What they want is instant service, no dawdling or wasting what they believe to be their own very precious time.

In terms of our business – think ‘instant gratification’, how can we offer customers this, when even instant gratification might not be sufficiently speedy?

Guerrilla marketing practitioners are driven by innovation, and current indicators are that people want to lead more streamlined lives. This very important need has to be innovated to. The recognition of the importance of time has directly influenced marketing, and what is crucial to success has got to be convenient today. Convenience has to be offered to both existing and potential customers and the more convenience factors we put into play the better things go our way.

Some of the best examples of convenience are the convenience stores. Just ask the owners of 7-Eleven? Convenience is simple for online businesses, although perhaps not so easy in the realms of reality. But then again, operating a live business in conjunction with an online presence where customers may place orders and pay 24/7, pretty much ties up all convenience eventualities.

If we want to hear the cash-register ring and we want to hear it 24/7, then we offer as many payment processing options as we possibly can. We don’t mean only credit cards, there are myriad ways to pay when purchasing online these days – never diminish the buying power of the non-credit card holder. Allow them to split the payments, this is a very attractive option, we are not saying offer credit, but we are saying find ways to be flexible.

Toll-free phone numbers are popular and attractive ways to offer convenience; apparently this small feature alone increases responses by 30%. Publish materials which are easy to reference so that the products customers want pop out and punch them on the nose.

Build a strong reputation for offering convenience and be strong in all the areas in which these operate; many long-time customers’ desert suppliers for the simple reason that another company saves them more time. The desertion it is not about money, quality or anything else! Puritan principals which close down businesses on Sundays belong back in puritan times, and quite honestly – convenience is king.

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