The Third Golden Key to Building a Multimillion Dollar Empire

October 28, 2006

Are you an entrepreneur that has started a business? Do you want your business to not only make a profit, but become a multimillion dollar empire? Do you have the drive and passion to push your business to the number one spot and make millions? If so, then you need to understand and implement the seven golden keys to building a multimillion dollar empire.

This article describes the third golden key to building a multimillion dollar empire and why you should apply it to your business. This information is the nuts and bolts you need to focus on. Take a hard look at your business to make absolutely certain that you are implementing this golden key.

Golden Key #3: “No Numbers means No Business” In order to build a multimillion dollar empire you need to know your numbers. This means that you should be able to identify, track, and understand every number associated with your business. For example, just knowing your revenue number is not enough. You need to know revenue, profit, marketing numbers, and overhead numbers.

It is critical to know the numbers of your business because it enables you to make profitable, effective decisions. For example, you need to know how much you spend on Google AdWords campaigns so you can determine if it is worth investing in the campaign again or even investing a different amount of money in the marketing campaign. You need to be specific. An example would be that you know that you need to spend $2,500 on Google Adwords in order to earn $160,595 for your business. This number relationship demonstrates that your Google Adwords campaign is a good investment. You need to test and tweak your marketing campaign and this all involves money, revenues, and profit.

Ask yourself if you are building an organization or a bottom line. Remember, you have to spend money to make money. Spending money on marketing, for example, may seem like a great deal of cash; however the marketing will pay for itself triple time so it is worth the investment.

Following Golden Key #3 will enable you to avoid wasting time on business investments that don’t yield results. You should constantly analyze and use your numbers to your advantage. This is one critical step to building a multimillion dollar empire.

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