Marketing Guru or Con Artist?

February 16, 2010

marketing guru or con artist

4 things to look for when hiring a marketing consultant:

I am constantly surprised (and down right annoyed) at shat some people try to pass of as Internet Marketing skills. Whenever hiring a web designer, “marketing expert” or SEO company, look out for these warning signs. Or don’t and them come to me so I can fix it for you.

1. They insist on Using  a Single Marketing Tactic

Quick – run SCREAMING for the hills! Why do they suggest this? Because it’s all they know.

This reminds me of a story.

A young husband and wife are in the kitchen on Christmas cooking their first Christmas dinner together. Before putting the ham in the pan, the  wife cuts a chunk off the end of the ham. Her husband asks why? She says, “That’s the way my mom did it and that’s how I’ve always done it…”

This makes no sense to the husband so he walks out to the living room and asks his mother in law.

Her answer is the same, “That’s the way my mom did it and that’s how I’ve always done it…” she trails off.

Now the young wife chimes in with, “Let’s call Grandma and find out  why.” So they do and she tells her  story: “We always cut the end off the ham so it would fit in the oven.”

The moral of the story – There may have been a reason for this strategy in the past, but trust me, there are a lot of ways to cook a ham.

2. They Bring No New Ideas to the Table

A marketer or consultant should be able to fluidly relate several marketing tactics to your specific market or niche.

It’s not “one size fits all” here folks – you are looking for custom tailoring.

Secondly, your marketer should be up to date on the newest trends – if they suggest using MySpace as your main marketing push, I may use someone else.

3. They Don’t recommend Upgrading your Website

Every time I take on a new web client, I recommend upgrades to their existing site. The basis of everything you do online is  your site. I am yet to find one that is perfectly built to suit the multi-pronged marketing campaign that I want to unleash… Unless, of course, I built it myself.

No matter how well built your site is, there is always room for improvement.

Most “Web Designers” don’t think like marketers and conversely, most marketers don’t have an aesthetic design bone in their body. You want to have a solid foundation for your online marketing. That’s why I ALWAYS use WordPress when I create a site and/of marketing campaign.

4. They Guarantee Results

Guarantees are cool, right? Yes, but often times, they are very unrealistic. In the online marketing game – rules are always changing, as are strategies. A good marketer will give examples of successful strategies – and will often use several tactics to increase the chances for success. Remember #1 – that’s why you look for multiple strategies from any marketer or consultant.

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