Don’t Just Bookmark it, Ka-Boom It!

February 1, 2008

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One of the greatest opportunities you have to market your website online is by using social bookmarking sites to, yes to bookmark your website. There are a lot of choices out there for this and a few rise above the crowd. One of those is Ka-Boom-It.

Ka-Boom-It is a Social Bookmarking site for news and information. They are VERY Internet Marketer Friendly. You can post your News stories, Blog Stories, New Websites, and more. Make Friends (Ka-Boomers) and have fun. Just about the only thing they ask is that you limit your sales page posts but do not discriminate. They don’t allow porn or hardcore adult sites. (They will be deleted, and this is a good thing).

So let me give you a little strategy. You post a compelling article on your blog, full of keyword rich content. (I will talk about this in a later blog post). This blog post (or sales page) gives the now pre-screened reader information about your product or service with a call to action. Now you bookmark this page at

Within this bookmark you get the opportunity to add keywords that are relevant, a title (should contain your keywords), a article summary and a link to your website.

This becomes a part of an overall strategy to create relevancy, inbound links, generate traffic and interest as well as ultimately incresing your bottom line.

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