Guerrilla Marketing

June 6, 2011

Customer Reverence: “Always show reverence for your customers by constantly following up and assisting them.”

In the USA alone, nearly 80% of all business is lost due to not following up after a sale. It is not high prices which cause this, nor even poor service – it is essentially apathy on the part of the business owner. Send them a note on their birthday, even a birthday card. Follow up and ask them if they are happy with their product, send them a thank you note; offer them incentives so that they will make another purchase, and send them newsletters, information on specials – let’s effectively keep them in the loop of our business.

Once a customer always a customer is a great little tip to remember, because it is five times harder to sell to a new customer than it is to receive ongoing business from an existing client. ‘After-sale apathy’ does not have quite the same ring to it as ‘after-sale interest’, does it? Apathy also won’t make us marketing guerillas, and ‘Customer Reverence’ is one of Jay Conrad Levinson’s golden rules. In fact, it is Golden Rule Number 6!

According to this marketing Guru “of the billions of people on planet Earth, only a tiny fraction have chosen to do business with us”, could anything be more true? This is what makes our customers so special, and constantly following up and assisting them is how we are going to make them feel even more special – heck it makes us feel special! He says it is our ‘constant obligation, although this should be a pleasure’. Just bear in mind that we are staying in touch to assist and improve the lives of our customers, and that the information and advice we impart is invaluable to them.

Staying in touch with our customers IS customer reverence. They are the most important part of out business, because without them we have no business. For example sending a thank you note should be done within 24 hours, at the most 48 hours.

Do you know where we see a real difference in this kind of follow- up? With businesses from the east, as apposed to business from the west; in fact in simple purchases from eBay! When buying something from a US or European supplier, as a customer we literally have to beg for follow-up. When purchasing something from Hong Kong a thank you note comes right away, and tracking numbers etcetera, are sent without being requested. Three weeks after delivery another thank you note arrives and it very often includes a discount voucher – the last time we got $5!

Eastern good manners have a great deal going for them, and we should by now have learned some important lessons from these highly successful economies and philosophies.

According to guerrilla marketing; customer reverence is “felt by the heart and planned by the mind’, our eBay example simply proves this to be even more true.

Just remember, it is easy to send a thank-you note, but to do it right away is a mark of great respect. The thank you note is another example of how and why guerilla marketing is so highly regarded; it demands very little in the way of expenditure and much more in the way of energy. We make the effort to do it, and it is that effort which always pays.

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