Another left turn

October 24, 2007

I just read online about a company touting their internet market prowess. . .

They had the following article under the title of: “Email marketing campaigns ‘benefit from targeting”.

Sending out an online mailshot has been a favourite Internet Marketing method for years, but the effect of sending out a bulk load of emails can be improved, it has been suggested.

Trade group the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) said that email marketing is best used sparingly and with a specific target audience in mind.

“When used correctly email can be an excellent channel either on its own or as part of an integrated strategy,” said Richard Gibson, chair of DMA’s benchmarking hub.

However, attempting to skimp on investment or sending out bulk mail indiscriminately can diminish the effect of an email marketing campaign.

“Relevancy, segmentation, targeting and analysis are most definitely in the direction where email marketing has been headed for some time,” he said.

“Many studies show that the more relevant an email is to the recipient the more likely they are to engage with the sender.” (Click here to visit their site).

What they fail to talk about is an email flow that both captures and engages the reader.  What business on the web is all about is traffic conversion.  Giving relevant content, enticing the visitor to give their contact info in exchange for more content, newsletter, ebook or more.  Their subscription gives you “relevancy, segmentation, targeting” as mentioned above. 

Permission marketing is the only way to market via the web.  At this point is is SO obvious that bulk mailing in not a quality means, it’s also damn annoying.

Qualify your list and sell to them.

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