WordPress Beginner’s Guide

April 29, 2008

I am so happy to announce, that the FreeMarket Media Group e-book entitled “The WordPress Beginners Guide” is available. This e-book walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know about the WordPress blogging system.


Even if you’re not a beginner, this book is for you. Why? Because this book will walk you through everything WordPress’ completely revamped version 2.7 has to offer

There are a ton of content management systems out there but in my humble opinion WordPress has a leg up on the competition. On the Web you’ve always had really only two choices.

(A) Become a coder and build a website or (B) use a content management system like Joomla and become a coder. But now with WordPress version 2.7 you can manage everything on your website from one simple administration area. Can you send an e-mail? Then you can use WordPress.

In this guide, I will walk you step-by-step through everything WordPress has to offer. But that’s not all. I have also included a special section in this book called “the keyword primer”. With the keyword primer you will learn how to leverage the power of your WordPress blog to get killer search engine rankings.

Packed with over 60 pages of information, including pictures that cover every step in the process, you will learn to quickly master your WordPress blog.

Isn’t it time to ramp up your presence online? The new paradigm dictates that if you want to do business online, you need a blog! Common wisdom also dictates that if you have a job an hour from home and there is no public transportation, you need a car. But first you need to learn how to drive. Consider this your WordPress blog “driver’s education”.

The developers of the WordPress blog spent over six months completely redesigning and re-engineering WordPress. So, if you’re a beginner, and you need tools to get you started, then this book’s for you. If you’re familiar with Word press and want to make the jump to version 2.7, without the learning curve, then this book’s for you too.

Because I want you to have this book, I’m gonna make a special deal. Looking around the Internet I found an outdated WordPress e-book for $97 and I’m sure it’s still selling. I found another WordPress tutorial e-book, yes, this one is outdated to, but you can have for just $40.32. Well, that kind of sucks doesn’t it. Just what we all want to do, go out and buy a beat up used car for more money than the brand-new one. So here’s a special deal, I want you to have the shiny new car. $27! That’s right, only $27. And the best news, once you buy, you get to download this book immediately and get your WordPress blog working for you.

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