What’s Your Brand’s Social ID?

September 3, 2010

The importance of Social Media Branding

That is a question that was asked in AdAge Magazine. It never really answers the question per se, but alludes to several different problems when branding with social media. This article speaks mostly to large businesses, but you know how I like to apply the rules of the big players to the rest of us.

A brand’s social media engagement is typically piecemealed by different functions within a company as well as by different agencies. While social media can add value across marketing disciplines, it is problematic without coordinated planning and execution (or at the very least visibility across teams).

Well if this isn’t sort of a quality problem… If only I had a staff to handle my social media. But the picture is a little bigger.

It is very important to keep your message clear across your social media. Bad planning leads to bad execution. I consulted with a franchise owner – nope, not mentioning the franchise, sorry, who had all their social media set up and were using it diligently, problem was how they were using it. They were tweeting about the LA Lakers (basketball), which can be OK in your local market, but bashing and demeaning opponents… That’s not such a good idea. In Los Angeles, we have a very transient population – fans of teams from all over the country – they are your customers, or were until you started to trash talk their team… Get it?

Clear messages – whether you’re a one person show, or you have a social media staff, keep the message clear.

So a pressing need is emerging: to communicate who you are as a brand and what you stand for through social media in a far more consistent, strategic and global way.

My recommendation to any and every small business. Don’t sign up for every Social Media site. Hold it to these:

  1. Facebook – a Fan Page is a great tool
  2. Twitter – allows you to continually reinforce your brand message and identity
  3. LinkedIn – Allows you to network with other professionals
  4. Youtube – The 2nd most trafficked search engine (behind Google) and you can add videos too
  5. Niche Forum – If a popular forum exists in your niche, learn from what people are saying, participate if you feel the need.

To avoid getting lost on your journey, it is important to think of Social Media as more than a set of tools. Social is part of all media and plays a huge role in branding online and offline. Now more than ever we have to think social by design. Need a MAP? (<== Check that link out!)

Source: AdAge Magazine

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