What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook

October 8, 2010

Coping with the Facebook Age

It’s true, what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook, Twitter and many other potential outlets these days. In the Facebook age, every image and utterance a person makes can be documented online. Anonymity is quickly becoming a thing of the past – get used to it. Social Media is not going anywhere, instead, it’s up to us to learn how to cope with it. And coping really isn’t enough – it is completely up to us to police our image online and make sure that we present to the world exactly the image we want or at least within an acceptable range within our marketplace. A lot of what we do online is image marketing. Now I’m not talking about anything phony or fake here, simply that if we are doing business or in the job market we want to be very careful about what ends up online. (That’s why I wrote this a year and a half ago: What NOT to put on Your Facebook Profile).

If you are alive right now, you have probably had moments and/or experiences in your past that might now become embarrassing. If you went to college, there is some multiplier in existence for your potential embarrassment quotient. Again, the question is, how do you handle it.

Case in point:

What happens when those social media mavens run for political office? Krystal Ball, a Virginia Democrat running for Congress, found out this week when racy pictures of her wound up on line.

How did she handle it and should we expect more of these sorts of issues in future campaigns?

Watch the 2 videos below and take note on her response. As a politician she has the ability to play a bit of a deflection game – but for us as business owners, or employees, how do we respond if something a little embarrassing from our past shows up? Please share your comments and opinions below.

Her full response is here:

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