Twitter – How to Add Followers and Influence People

August 20, 2010

So I decided to something a little crazy. You see I was, in a round about way, challenged by my friend Alex Mandossian to create a $1 download offer. I guess the idea is to do a 2 or 3 page white paper or something and charge a dollar.

Well, that’s not quite what I did. I went a little more elaborate. After spending some time thinking about what my offer should be – I decided to share something really good: How I added over 10,000 twitter followers to my personal Twitter account in under 90 days.

I have laid it all out step by step in, not a 2 or 3 page download, but in a 20 page illustrated ebook that I am offering for one single dollar.

So go ahead – it’s only a buck, and I am offering a double your money back guarantee! if you’re not totally thrilled by your dollar purchase…

Let’s see, what can I buy for a dollar?

A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, a head of iceberg lettuce, a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger off the dollar menu… The list is, well not going to help you leverage the power of Twitter for your business, but then again you can’t eat my book…

If you are reading this – You most certainly are looking for ways to improve your efficiency and results with your online marketing efforts. Well here you get a very detailed guide to add  thousands of targeted Twitter Followers – with not a ton of time or effort.

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