The Influence Project

July 1, 2010

How influential are you?

OK so here’s an interesting concept: You got a lot of friends on Facebook and tons of followers on Twitter, even a great profile over on LinkedIn, but the question remains: How influential are you?

That’s where the guys over at Fast Company Magazine – they are attempting to gauge exactly how influential we are in Social media, beyond the numbers. From Fast Company writer, Mark Borden:

What the Influence Project aims to do is remove some of the mystery behind the inherent passivity of social network numbers. This experiment will show what happens when an individual takes an audience at rest and applies an unbalanced force–through suggestion, advice or direction–that converts it into an army of action. That’s power that can be quantified and lead to an understanding that can be applied to both the largest and smallest of networks. No doubt it’s profound to address a million followers and get 100,000 of them to respond. But what does it mean when you have one hundred friends on Facebook and 97 of them click through to a site on your recommendation?

This is a really great question isn’t it? How much clout do you really have? This isn’t a ego trip we’re talking about here, just a clever test as to how responsive your community is – whether it’s your friends, co-workers, students or customers.

So, begs the question, how influential are you? The bigger can be: “How influential are the people you influenced? Remember the movie “6 Degrees of Separation” or the game 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well the Influence project tracks our influence to 6 degrees.

Is it useful? Maybe…

Is it silly? Maybe

Whatever the answer, I feel that is worth my 2 minutes to sign up and tell my friends (alright, so I wrote a blog post too).

Just follow this link to start the process: The Influence Project

Once there, just take a couple of seconds to sign up. Then spread the word and watch how your influence grows.

Then ask yourself one question: “Am I influencing my target audience?”

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