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December 24, 2010

Facebook Friday Tip of the Week

Use your Facebook Fan Page to Drive People into your Business – The Sprinkles Effect

Facebook Marketing using the Sprinkles Method

It is no news now that social networking sites like Facebook are a great tool for the small and large business if used the right way. What most businesses are doing right now, is finding their footing and their voice. A few pioneers however made it on the first try and did what others only dream of: they established a strong and active fan base on Facebook which has positively impacted their sales.

What did these pioneers have that others didn’t have? Well two things are relatively consistent between large and small companies who succeed using social media. The first is a passion for the platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Understanding and enjoying the value of the social networking experience brings life to their posts and tweets and shouts. The second factor is a passion for their product. If a company builds wonderful cars but the social media representative doesn’t care that much about cars, it is unlikely they can produce a campaign or even carry a conversation that is engaging enough to gather followers or fans, much less impact sales.(Get it?!)

When you put those two factors together, you have the basics and all the rest follows.  A company called Sprinkles used just that credo. Although the owner has no time for taking a breath during the day his account is logged on to Facebook constantly. As early as 2009 this company had 70,000 followers on Facebook (a lot for that early in the social networking history).

Why? Well partially because his product is wonderful according to his fans. However a wonderful product doesn’t always ensure a good fan base on Facebook. Instead, it is because at random times during the week a word will be posted on the Facebook wall and the first of their customers to appear at any of their stores and whisper that word will win a free cupcake.

It is not the cupcake so much that these upscale customers enjoy, but the fun of the game and the race to be first. This is just one more example of small business getting it and being successful on Facebook.

Are you passionate about your business? Your message? Are you equally passionate about social networking to promote?

Visit Sprinkes Web Site

What are some ways that you can engage your customers using your Facebook Fan Page?

Please comment and share below. What are you doing that is working and where can you use help?

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