Connecting to Your Message

January 19, 2009

Whenever I start talking about marketing to nearly all my clients, the first thing they say is, “I hate to sell“. We all sell. Whether it’s ourselves to an employer or prospective mate, or our products and/or services we are always selling. Yet we “hate it”. Why do you think?

Well I have an idea. When we think of selling one of the first images to pop into our heads is the shady used car salesman… So why does this bother us so? (and stick with us?). Maybe because the in-authenticity of the message and the incongruency of the messenger.

So what do I mean?

The used car salesman is usually selling a car that he/she wouldn’t own themselves, heck, they’d probably not even like to ride shotgun… So the words coming out of their mouths is not in alignment with their true beliefs and it shows.

Consciously we might not notice this, but subconsciously we know they are lying. This, then, is the root of our “hate” for selling. We feel dirty, embarrassed and, frankly, like liars. Or at least we feel that this is how others will view us. And GOD knows we don’t want people to think we are used car salesmen (no offense to those who sell cars…).

Now let’s flip this around, shall we? What happens when you see a great movie or eat at an amazing restaurant and want to share the experience with friends? You gush, you are grounded and the AUTHENTICITY of your message is unmistakable. You are, in fact, “selling” the movie or restaurant “experience” to your friends. YES, SELLING! During this sales process you are congruent with your message and it resonates through you to your audience.

If you have a product, service or idea, that you believe in, that is great, don’t be shy. If it’s so wonderful why won’t you share it. Would you not tell your friends about the movie or dining extravaganza? Of course not.

The key is to find the truth in what you are selling. When what you are speaking aligns with your truth, it shows. Take a look at Oprah, Barak Obama, Ronald Reagan, JFK. When they speak/spoke, their message rings true through their entire being.

We can design the best website, the best power point, write killer copy, but if we don’t believe what we are saying, it ain’t gonna sell

So in talking about authenticity of a message on Martin Luther King day, it only makes sense to honor a man who spoke his truth. Take a look at Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech. Listen beyond words, see beyond the image, and truly feel the truth he was speaking.

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