Twitting Into The Market

August 30, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

In a thoroughly saturated market, which is mostly the best way to describe the situation today, it is almost impossible to make any sort of headway amidst all the brands, businesses, and companies all seeking to elbow each other out of the collective attention of the consuming public. Given this situation, how can a single struggling business hope to make itself known to its target market?

By Being Like A Bird.

More than just sounding whimsical, being like a bird does have its advantages in situations like this. Consider that the marketplace from the ground up is already saturated, so what is needed to be noticed is something that sets you above the typical droning mess of mass marketing.

This Is Where Twitter Comes In.

Social media has become the phenomenon that it is today because it answers some of the basic needs of people nowadays: the need to say something, and the desire to be heard and noticed. By giving people a platform where they can all air what they want, social media has become a pivotal part of modern social life, add to that the fact that the platform it uses is something that gets information across the entire world in the span of a few minutes: the internet.

Hence, Twitter literally is the bird flying about and above the crowd that you need to get your message across, and at the same time see what’s happening everywhere. This is why Twitter is a very essential part of a marketing campaign for any business size, be it small, medium, to even conglomerate-class businesses.

This is why as ludicrous and as opposite-to-corporate imagery as Twitter may seem to some, it is an invaluable tool to use in today’s saturated market place. Twitter gets the message across, no matter how crowded the market is, since it’s worth remembering: people always look up to see the birdie.

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