Twitter: Small Time Business Boon

September 20, 2011

Recognition and branding are two very essential aspects of marketing that a business simply cannot do without. It is through being recognized by the market and being remembered as a particular brand that a business can make any sort of headway through the mass of competition that floods the market. The problem with this is, considering just how lucrative business marketing can be, marketing services can be quite pricey, and not all small business have much capital to set aside for marketing expenses. Thankfully, social media has made online marketing practically free of charge, and quite effective too, provided one knows how to maximize on the more popular social media sites, such as Twitter.

Twitter affords a personable, customized, and timely method of providing online marketing for small to medium scale businesses, with real-time customer interaction, which is an important indicator if the marketing strategy is in any way effective. Compared to traditional ways of monitoring and analyzing market data related to your business, which is typically done bi-monthly or periodically, Twitter affords a reliable avenue of knowing if (1) your target market knows you exist, and you are in the market, (2) your consumers like or dislike your products and services, and (3) know if your customers have any suggestions for improvement of your product.

Networking is also an important facet of maintaining and building your business, and most business-owners typically do this through direct interaction or through business conventions, where they meet and build relationships with other members of the industry. While there may be numerous conventions that could help your business at any given time, going to these conventions may be time-consuming, costly, and tedious, especially if it is being held in far-off places. Twitter allows a very effective mode of networking done right from the comfort of your personal computer, practically anywhere in the world, at any given time. This beats going out of your way to far-off places just to meet and greet new people in your industry who may or may not be someone essential to your business.

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