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December 21, 2010

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Big Business Doing Big Things on Twitter

Twitter for businessHuge companies are finding Twitter the newest and sometimes fastest way to react to customer support, customer feedback and more. Although it is accepted that most companies will update with breaking company news and sales by tweeting it some big businesses are finding new ways to interact with their customers using a simple tweet.

Popeye’s responds to client’s feedback by means of light-hearted tweets.  JetBlue offers customer support via their Twitter account as well as the name of the customer service rep on duty.  Comcast offers customer support via Twitter and a real live person with a photo as well. Home Depot has followed suit and brought them company slogan with them moonlighting via tweets on Twitter to better help the customers. The common theme here is to improve customer support speed and give it a face and a name.

H&R Block has asked and answers questions with customers via Twitter with tax advice for the mobile community.

Dell has taken Twitter as a sales tool just a step further and has multiple accounts for posting company coupons and deals on different types of computers such as PCs and rebuilt PCs. Customers can follow any or all of these Twitter accounts.

Although these moves are being made by larger companies it is not the province of the corporate giants alone as many small businesses are finding social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook can impact their businesses in real and immediate ways with a tool they can embrace and be comfortable with, Twitter.

Whether it is to announce a Twitter or Facebook only event or special sale or to offer assistance to a disgruntled customer before the situation blows out of proportion, Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular ways to reach customers in a meaningful way.

How are you using Twitter to add value to your customer’s experience?

Please comment and share below.

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