Twitter Is The New PR Manager

November 8, 2011

Before a person buys a product or service from a company, they are treated like royalty. All goes well until they have an enquiry or a problem to sort AFTER they have bought the product or service. That is a totally different tale and we all have horror stories to write about the shoddy manner in which many companies treat their established clients. This is a sorry state of affairs but if we look at it in another way, companies may yet salvage their tattered reputations. Using Twitter has proved to be the saving grace for many of these companies. Why?

For any company that checks its incoming tweets several times a day, they get to see and sort out the issues that their clients may have as they are unfolding. The space provided for the client to explain their concern is usually limited (less than 150 characters) so clients quickly get to the heart of the issue thus making it easier to understand their concerns and deal with them ASAP.

Reputation is everything when it comes to the social media channels like Twitter. A company’s reputation can get really trashed by one unhappy customer. Since we all know that bad news tends to travel much faster than good news, it is in the best interest of any business to ensure that they get a public reputation that is well above average.

Unlike the customer feedback sheets which were provided to customers in days gone by, those same customers provide their feedback on Twitter. This allows staffs who are in charge of monitoring feedback able to see their ratings in the market in general. This information is very important in helping them take the necessary preventive and corrective actions.

The savings in terms of money for any company operating in these recessionary times is welcomed. Furthermore the saving in time is the real bonus because reaction time is cut down by more than half.

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