The Hidden Side Of Social Media

October 4, 2011

There is a very good chance that 8 to 9 out of 10 of your friends are into social media, what with everyone spending more and more time in front of computers posting endless streams of their thoughts and comments. Out of the these 8 to 9 friends, there is a good chance that 6 of them use Twitter, since it is one of two of the most widely used forms of social media.

Since everyone is doing it, it must be something that is at the very least mildly beneficial, and probably not have any adverse effect on people. Or at least that is what the common opinion would be. Another look at the primary elements of social media would probably paint a different picture altogether.

Some analysts and experts have actually taken time to scrutinize the social media sites that people frequent today, pinpointing a few potential dangers that people may incur not because of the site itself, but my chronic participation to the site.

Indifference – a widely publicized study some time back pointed out that one of the general effects of being immersed in social too much is a growing tendency to be numbed and indifferent to the human condition, since they are bombarded with it every single minute while on the social media sites. This is especially true for those who subscribe to Tweets from the major international news groups.

Withdrawal from reality – there are those who spend so much time withdrawn from the outside world and simply connect to it via the internet that they live almost like hermits. Humans are basically social creatures, and as such, need the presence and exposure to other humans. Going against this will definitely result in numerous psychological issues, not the least of which is the difficulty to discern what is real from what is not.

Uncharted expenses – For those who still pretty much mingle with the outside world AND continue to dabble in social media sites through their portable devices, there is a good chance the danger they will be experiencing is that of escalating charges from their mobile service provider. It is not uncommon that those so into social media fail to realize and keep track of the expenses that come with it, especially when using a mobile service provider.

These dangers, as stated before, are not really from using social media sites like Twitter, but rather, from the uncontrolled usage of it. Much like an addiction, those who are so into it fail to see when enough is enough, and when their addiction is seriously affecting their behavior, their expenses, and their lives in general.

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