Peering Into The Social Media Hype

September 6, 2011

Why are so many brands and companies so immersed in social media?

This is a question that may have sounded somewhat valid a few years back, but now just seems ludicrous. Why wouldn’t brands and companies jump on the bandwagon of the most effective mode of marketing today? In most cases, it’s free or cheaper than mainstream marketing, it can be seen practically all over the world, provided internet and social media is available and allowed, and it is fast, efficient, with the least bit of uncertainty as to the targeted results.

But just why is social media so effective and desired in marketing today?

Social media is largely practiced for numerous reasons, but there are some reasons that make it especially important for use in corporate online marketing.

Interactivity at its best

Because the internet provides information almost instantaneously, anything posted, provided it garners attention and appropriate interest, will immediately get a response from the target market. Facebook and Twitter is particularly effective in this manner, since point-of-interest discussions are very easy to inject with subtle branding. Playing on people’s desire to be heard, opinions and preferences are easy to draw out in this manner, mostly baiting people to state information needed by companies, which consumers would be mostly hesitant to give out.

Relationship building

By addressing concerns directly, when they are aired, it gives consumers the sense that companies are indeed communicating with them directly, giving them a sense of importance. By giving this “personalized” feel, a relationship is instantly formed between the consumer and the brand or company, thus ensuring brand loyalty and even word-of-mouth advertising, which is the most desired form of advertising and marketing for companies.

Accurate interest measurements

In a market where it used to be a hit-and-miss type of guess work when it came to determining customer and market interest, social media affords an accurate and easily measured mode of determining how much the market is into your brand. There really is no other way to look at it, if no one participates in any social media activity your brand fosters, then no one is simply interested in your brand, thus necessitating further planning or retooling or even redirection on the part of the brand.

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