Five Reasons Why Twitter will ROCK Your Customer Service

January 18, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Use Twitter for better customer service!

twitter for better customer serviceCustomer service has come to be synonymous with hour long waits on the phone to speak to an impersonal voice which may or may not give the customer any satisfaction. Now companies are using other names such as Customer Support. However, customer support doesn’t have to be about hour long waits on the phone and a disinterested voice at the other end or emails which are obviously form replies.

Large businesses have found in Twitter a means to give the company a face and to put the service back in customer service.

Real Time Problem Resolution

Using Twitter to monitor and help support the customer is fast, there are only 140 characters allowed and that means it takes staff a lot less time to sift through the tweets to find those customers with issues.

Branding In A Positive Way

One disgruntled customer can tell 10 friends and may well do so, while a happy customer may tell ten and they will remember it. Word gets around when customer service is superior. They’re going to talk about you anyway, you might as well help them to say good things!

Keeps Your Support Team Involved

Twitter can give support staff instant feed back and helps involve them.  While tweeting may not weed out the bored or simply disinterested support staff monitoring tweets can help supervisors provide feedback to improve their performance.

Save Money

Cost reduction is a big positive for those using Twitter to provide support. While a full customer service center requires a dedicated phone center for a huge company, tweets are fast, use only a PC, customers must get to the point quickly and staff must be succinct in their replies. This often leads to quicker problem resolution and a better experience for the customer.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Using Twitter for customer service can improve the speed of the reaction time, decrease the cost of customer support and improve the customer experience.

Got any other great ideas on how Twitter can help you give better customer service?

Please share your comments and ideas below.

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