Twitter & Creative Marketing: Two Success Stories

October 6, 2011

As with most social media, Twitter has become an increasingly popular marketing tool for businesses. The service has millions of users all over the world so it’s not hard to understand why making use of tweets could be a great idea for building a brand or reaching new audiences. However, many companies have struggled in the past to figure out the best way to work Twitter into an effective marketing campaign. Based on the success of the two companies discussed below, the secret is in asking your audience to get involved.


This web hosting company based in Britain took Twitter by storm back in 2009 with a simple marketing campaign: they used tweets as contest entries. Basically, the company started promoting that they were doing a big 10-day giveaway. Each day one lucky Twitter user would receive a MacBook Pro. All he or she had to do was send a tweet containing #moonfruit.

Who wouldn’t want the chance to win that? Well, as one might expect, the Twitter campaign generated an enormous response. It was the top trend on Twitter for three days (for some reason, Twitter removed it from the list after three days). More importantly, the campaign had a real impact on their business: traffic to their website soared with an increase of 200% in Britain and 1000% in the United States. Plus, the number of sign-ups for trials of their web hosting services skyrocketed by 350%.

Radio Shack

Even companies that have been around a long time and are more well-known can make good use of Twitter’s services as Radio Shack discovered with their own promotion. The company ran a sponsored tweet asking people to share photos of themselves holding out their hand towards the camera. At first the motivation came from the chance to win an unspecified prize. Then people saw what Radio Shack was doing with their submitted photos: adding a cape and mask to turn each submitter into their version of a superhero. The revised photos were tweeted back to the original submitter much to their delight.

The campaign was extremely successful as was their previous foray into Twitter usage. During a previous promotion using the social media service, their tweet got 65 million views in one day.

So what lesson can your company learn from Moonfruit and Radio Shack? Well, one lesson is that Twitter can definitely generate buzz for a business and its products. With the right promotion, you can boost your brand’s awareness, generate more business, and expand your market with relatively minor marketing costs.

Of course, one important thing to remember is that subtle is always better with Twitter. Hard sells just don’t work anymore. People want to be entertained and if you can provide that entertainment while also getting attention for your product, service or business then that’s even better. The challenge is finding a way to be creative with your marketing strategy via Twitter. Do something unique and interactive and you’ve got yourself a successful marketing effort.

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