Storytelling as a Marketing Tool

January 30, 2011

Marketing Monday Tip of the Week:

Start Telling Stories!

Storytelling as a Marketing Tool TodayStorytelling is an actual marketing tool and a very powerful one today in use by the largest corporations and not limited to them. Giants such as Virgin and Kodak utilize it well in their campaigns and neither is storytelling fiction or false testimony.
Instead of fables marketers today are putting out stories of how their product impacts lives, how it is used day to day in business and by the average person.

For instance, an advertisement by the dishwashing detergent Dawn, of how their product is used to clean the oil off of birds caught in oil spills. The product lives, and promotes work that almost everyone is behind. That marketing campaign is a story and it reaches out and engages consumers.

The brand comes to life via a story if told right. Although the small business may not have the resources of the giants behind them, and surely not the budget they each have stories.  How a product grew from an idea to a patent and the trials along the way can be its own story and live for the consumer. How a business started from a little cottage industry can be content for the site and personalize any business large or small.

Almost every product or service has users whose lives the product has impacted and telling their story can help engage others. Whether it is a product to lift the instep and relieve the discomfort of flat feet or a marketing tool which can automate certain things such as email campaigns each product has a purpose and usually a group of satisfied users who have stories of how it affected them. Small businesses need only reach out and gather these stories or produce their own stories from little known company facts to have content which enriches their site and engages their customers.

What stories do you have to tell? How can you use storytelling to help spread the word about your product or service.

Share your ideas and comments below.

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