Small Business Social Media Marketing Success

January 10, 2011

Marketing Monday Tip of the Week:

Using Social Media to Alert Your Customers!

One of the true keys to success in social media marketing is the enthusiasm of the marketer and their understanding of social networking. An example is a small business called Curbsidecupcakes, a mobile vendor of gourmet cupcakes in and around the Nation’s Capital (Washington DC).  Curbside may be small but they are long on social media savvy and while other mobile vendors are waiting for their customers, Curbside has their fans waiting for them.

How does it work? Well, they tweet their next location and of course having awesome cupcakes doesn’t hurt their customer base a bit. This small business, owned by a soon to be wed couple, does have stable delivery spots and customers can easily see the month’s calendar on their website, they also make certain days “wildcard” days where the exact location will be posted on Twitter.

Gourmet cupcakes are serious business to cupcake fans, but this small business has also turned buying cupcakes into a fun event for customers. Once the location is tweeted, customers get ready to race to the spot to meet that mobile van carrying sugary treats all from a single tweet. The van remains in place for 30 minutes or until there are no more customers and then the happy customers carry away their spoils and eagerly await the next event.

is fun for the fans and if it is fun for the marketer and they know how to use it, then the results can be surprising. This is in innovative marketing technique that actually engages the customer with more than a delicious cupcake.  This amazing couple not only took social media out of the box but took their business to new heights by engaging their customers in the buying process. While  buying cupcakes is great fun for most, this wildcard day using twitter, taps into what most people use social media for: connections.

Hungry? Connect with Curbside Cupcakes on Twitter.

Now for the next question: How can you use Social Media to publicize your events? Or simply where you are going to be?

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