How to Get the Maximum Benefits from Social Media Marketing

January 17, 2011

Marketing Monday Tip of the Week:

Always have a Plan!

Social media marketing sounds like a great idea, and it is but all too often small businesses enter into the marketing venue without any particular overall strategy. What that means is that they either hit it lucky (seldom) or they waste time and effort and money with few or no returns.

Target Your Market

Before a penny goes into the marketing, the target market should be studied and identified. What social media networks do they use, how do they engage, and what are the demographics? Answer those questions and you will have a clear idea of who you are trying to reach and how they interact on the networks.

Set Your Goals

If you decided you were going to be the fastest runner ever, you would not ever be able to meet that goal unless you clearly defined what the fastest was. Social media marketing campaigns are like that. You need quantifiable goals such as a 3% increase in sales by October 2011, a Top five listing in Yahoo or Google by January 2020. The dates are fictional but the targets are not. If you do not define what you plan to accomplish you will not know if your marketing is working.

Plan of Action

The plan of action is imperative just as you probably would not set out on a road trip without a destination; neither would you embark on a sales campaign using social networks without a strategy and a plan. Plans should be broad but include how you will get from “here” to “there”.  You may decide you want to establish a presence in social media and interact with the targeted customer base.

Detailed Tactics

You have set your goal, and let’s say it is to increase sales and the cost per lead. You have decided to do this by creating an opt-in-mail list where potential leads can target themselves. You detailed plan of action might include creating a strong presence online, creating a website with informative useful content which is regularly updated. Create an opt-in mail list and encourage customers to sign up using some incredible free item.

Since you have identified your audience, researched their social media habits, and created a detailed plan of action then the place to start is where this audience is most active.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about creating your Marketing Action Plan, click here ==>

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