Brand Loyalty the Key to Success

December 27, 2010

Here’s your Marketing Monday tip of the week:

Use innovation to build brand loyalty

Innovation and brand loyaltyPerhaps the idea that brand loyalty is what makes the world go around is not a new one but few have pulled it off the way the folks at Apple have. You know you are doing something right when the Marketer of the Year title is replaced by the Marketer of the Decade (an entire new title just for Apple). Seems the folks giving out the awards got tired of giving the same award every year to Apple and had to make a new one just for them.

Now that is the kind of success every marketer seeks. However it did not come easily nor was it without a certain price either. The company has worked hard on the product improvement front, customer engagement and technological improvements. What a small business may well be able to learn from this is that even fighting against giants (think about the PC Windows vs. Mac OS battles) the little guy can win given enough time and the right attitude.

Apple introduced the world to the iPod and nothing has taken hold of music like that handy little gadget that has become synonymous with tunes on the go. However as tasty as any techno toy is, it will just sit on the shelves without a customer base and a well thought out marketing plan. Every release of a new Apple product has been hyped, advertised and promoted thoroughly and by the same advertising company.

Even the iPhone has gone head to head with the giants and come out on top. Apple has done the same thing with the iPad which will turn the tech world and PC world upside down. Apple fans and even those who are not brand loyal were drooling over this innovation long before it ever hit the stores. At least part of this was due to the excellent promotion prior to release.

The keys to success at least as far as Apple goes, seem to be a strong product, innovative technology and excellent advertising to a determinedly loyal fan base. This type of consumer loyalty doesn’t come overnight but is nurtured through the years. Well thought out and executed advertising prior to the release of these innovative gadgets, has brought Apple to the top of the barrel, even over the giants.

How can you use innovation and clever marketing to gain brand loyalty?

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