5 Tips for a Successful Marketing System

January 23, 2011

Marketing Monday Tip of the Week:

Fine Tune Your Marketing Action Plan!

Marketing Action Plan

What few small businesses truly respect is the fact that marketing is a system. It is not a campaign or a single advertisement but instead a process.  Before any campaign can be successful there must be an understanding of the system and the process. We like to call the end result of this process your “Marketing Action Plan” or M.A.P. for short. We are all lost without a MAP!

The idea is to engage customers who have a need for the product or service and simply need to be educated about your product. Converting an individual with a serious fear of water to a buyer of a luxury yacht is probably not the ideal strategy. Instead the customer who enjoys the water, doesn’t have a yacht, has one but not your yacht those are ideal targets.

Choose a long term strategy first. That is how the customers will be reached, how they will be engaged and how they will be channeled into the sales process.

Publishing good content is a key to marketing success. Getting a product name out there is made easier if the business offers information and content. Potential buyers seek out information particularly on products they have an interest in, and this is one way to lead them into the marketing fold.

A website is only the start of online marketing and although it can be found on search engines, participating in social networking sites increases the strength of any business’ online presence and can increase traffic to the site as well.

Success is shown in Conversions not leads for most businesses. Well thought out campaigns will usually result in more leads but unless the conversions increase the campaign almost certainly needs tweaking.

Create a calendar for marketing. A successful marketing strategy will be long term and to get the best results the marketer must put continually update their marketing plan, ads and campaigns. A calendar can help budget time for the busy small businessman so this essential step is not overlooked.

Every small business hoping to reach the online customer should have a long term plan, a well considered set of benchmarks and a schedule for marketing they adhere to in order to help assure their success.

Have you created your marketing action plan? We can help. Click here for more information on creating you personal Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.).

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