Facebook and Internet: The Great Irony

October 7, 2011

Many may not realize it, but social media is actually one of the greatest examples of irony today. Why irony, you might ask. This is very easily explained. Let us first take a look at the elements of social media so as to better understand just why it is one of the foremost examples of an irony today, and where better to start than with the most prominent staple of social media today: Facebook.

Internet: The great separator

The internet has afforded man one of the greatest benefits it has ever known: access to everything without ever having to leave the comfort of their personal computer. Connected to practically everything anywhere, the internet allows anyone to almost instantly access any information they want (provided they know how to get to it) , purchase anything on sale commercially, send and receive communications at the click of a mouse, and much, much more. Never before can so many things be done with a few pounds of plastic, silicon, copper, and a few other conductive materials all strewn together to make a personal computing device.

Another contrivance of the internet, however, is the great separation from the general populace of an increasing number of people. Since almost anything can be done online, such as meeting and greeting people, conducting business, even purchasing the basic needs of living, like food and clothing, people have found fewer reasons to actually venture forth into the outside world to do what they need to do, preferring to do in the safety of their home in front of their personal computer. The basic truth is: the internet has fostered isolation and separation amongst people.

So where does Facebook fit into all of this?

Facebook: The great toucher

Facebook is one of the most popular reasons to be on the internet today, and the irony of all of this is that although the internet does its best to keep people at home or isolated in front of their computers, Facebook allows them to seemingly reach out to others and establish contact, albeit in the virtual sense of the word. Adding to the irony is the fact that Facebook operates nowhere else but on the internet, where as a social media site, it does its best to keep people together and in touch while the internet as a whole strives to keep people isolated and alone.

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